Designed to save lives in the water, the USAFE Buoy is a self-propelled, remote-controlled rescue device. With an innovative U-shaped hull, the USAFE's two electric turbines will operate regardless of which side is up when it is thrown into the water. 


Compact (80cm x 100cm) and lightweight (13kg), with a powerful battery pack as well as constant induction charging, the USAFE is always ready for action. The device can operate at 15 km/h and is designed to handle the most demanding sea conditions. Its sophisticated navigation and guidance system enable better control, and simple intuitive usability means first-time operators can immediately perform a rescue. 


Fantastic technology which saves lives. 

  • Launched from land, sea or air
  • Self-propelled - Remote controlled
  • Water rescue system
  • Operates in all sea conditions
  • Rechargable on-board battery
  • Long range navigation
  • Simple, fast & safe


FR Supply AS will be mediator between client and Norwegian distributor in case of interest. Price on request. 

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  • Maintenance/Certification
  • Support (24/7)

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  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Size: 100 cm x 80 cm x 20 cm
  • Electric propulsion
  • Speed: 15 km/h (Max.)
  • Operating time: 30 minutes