About us

FR Supply AS is a company based in Oslo.


We offer a variety of flame retardant products for the corporate market, as well industrial kitchen appliances and accessories, first aid products, protective clothing and marketing items/clothing. We supply mostly to the maritime industry, but also to other institutions and companies in need of products from our wide range. Feel free to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for. We are proud suppliers of well-known Norwegian brands such as Wonderland, Devold of Norway, Høie of Scandinavia, Hjelmeland, MP Storkjøkken, Snøgg and Wenaas. Our focus is on delivering quality products at the lowest prices. We are committed to good service and you as a customer.


During our time of operation, we have delivered goods to many maritime customers in Norway. Several of them are the largest shipping companies in Western Norway, but we also deliver to oil rigs, nursing homes, correctional facilities and other companies and institutions. By tailoring each order to individual needs, we have established reciprocal relationships that have led to further collaboration, as well as excellent customer satisfactory.


In the process of putting together the assortment our primary focus was to make sure that product features were of the best quality. In addition, it was important that there was a recognition factor amongst the people which use our products. That’s why we decided to use Norwegian quality manufacturers that our clients have a relationship with from before. We emphasized the importance of durability of fabrics and state of the art materials. As of now, some of our products has been in usage for more than five years, and our customers are still reporting of excellent product condition.