Why do ships, rigs and other offshore companies actually have to use flame retardant products?

Based on the fact that several of our clients have asked questions about why there is a need for flame retardant sleep-related products on board various vessels and rigs, we at FR Supply figured it was time to write a small, but clarifying blog post on this topic. It must be emphasized that our customers obviously understand the importance of reducing the risk of fire on board vessels – the questions are aimed towards where to find this in the legislation. We will assist to the best of our ability!


The short answer is really simple – the law requires this.

The long answer is that all commercial ships, rigs and other offshore companies must comply with the IMO’s (International Maritime Organization) convention SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea). In short, SOLAS is a convention deals with safety, both for personnel, but also for material values such as the ship. SOLAS came as a result of the Titanic accident in 1912, but it is important to point out that significant improvements and changes have been made since then. If you study the content of SOLAS, and more specifically Chapter II-2 (Construction – Fire Protection, fire detection and fire extinction), you will be able to see, under Part A and on to Regulation 3 – Definitions, point 23, that the 2010 FTP Code (Fire Test Procedures Code) was adopted by the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee through Resolution MSC.307(88) in December 2010. It is the FTP Code that sets international requirements and standards regarding flame retardant products of all types. In addition to the IMO standards, there is also the MED (Marine Equipment Directive) which covers all ships flagged in the EU or EEA. This is the strictest flame retardant standard in the world. MED-approved products are marked with a symbol called the Wheelmark, and is perhaps more recognizable among our clients.


All our mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvets, pillows, bedding and sheets are of course certified according to the FTP Code. We have chosen serious Norwegian suppliers such as Wonderland and Høie of Scandinavia, which place great emphasis on fire safety.


We hope this was clarifying! Should anyone have further questions, we at FR Supply AS are standing by to elaborate. Feel free to send us a message at kontakt@frsupply.no.


We thank you for your attention, and wish all customers, partners and followers a great week!